A Little Bit About Us As a Team

Zach and Stephanie

Hello, we are Zach and Stephanie Smith, the owners of Triple Creek Media. We are both in our thirties and have been married for almost thirteen years, and we have three amazing children.  We have lived and worked in Marshall for over a decade and this is where we call home. It is our dream to have our children grow up in a vibrant, small town, and community oriented environment.  We have roots in agricultural families. In fact we chose our name as a tribute to Zach’s grandparents’ ranch in southern Missouri. With these roots in mind we bring that same work ethic and determination to our clients.

We value time with our family and we know you likely share this value. Having this business on our terms allows us the flexibility to spend quality time together. Our kids inspired us to take on this venture so that we could be more present in the day to day moments. They frequently ask “Do you have to go to work today?” and “Can you stay home with us?”, but our reality has been that paid employment outside the home is how we have provided for our family. This would be the best of both worlds as we would still be able to help our community and make the most of our time with our family. Triple Creek Media is a opportunity to make our dream a reality.

In recent years we have really grown to love and support the idea of family owned and operated, main street shops and restaurants. We love handmade goods, the flavors of a family kitchen, and the knowledge that is passed down through generations of hard work. People start their business to follow their passion, fill a role, meet a need and find fulfillment in their lives. Those are the reasons that we started our business and we support those people who have taken that same leap.

Community is our focus, but it is not limited to our zip code. This idea goes beyond the city limits of Marshall, beyond Saline County, beyond Missouri. Our families are spread all over the United States, but even though they are distant, they are still supportive. Technology really can bring us together, no matter the miles between us. With a push of a button our kids can see their family, that live hundreds of miles away, face to face in real time. Businesses that reach out through the internet can bring their customers and supporters closer with just a click of the mouse. This is the vision we have at Triple Creek Media.